3 Things you need to know BEFORE you book your wedding vendors

You’re a go-getting Rockstar! You’ve toured your venues, fell in love with a cake baker, found a hip DJ within your budget--Things are really starting to come together!

WAIT! Before you sign on the dotted line, you need to READ your vendor contracts.  Most vendors have non-refundable deposits in order to reserve their services and they can be up to 50% of the total amount due. So, before you hand over your credit card, make sure these 3 things are listed somewhere in the fine print.

Kimberly Williams Photography

Kimberly Williams Photography


Communication with your vendors is KEY to ensure your event runs smoothly. Even before you dive into the logistical details, you will need to know how you and your vendors will be communicating throughout the planning process. Not all vendors have face to face meetings, and some don’t even reach out again until a few weeks prior to your big day. All of this you need to know!

Here are some questions to ask your vendors and make sure you get it all in writing:

  1. When do we communicate?

  2. How often and by what means?

  3. How will we be sharing and documenting our details?

  4. What is your response time?

Elyse Jokinen Photography

Elyse Jokinen Photography

Acts of God

No one can predict the future and of course we all want our day to be a magical event. But in all reality, things DO happen beyond our control. If so, do you know your vendor’s game plan? If not, here are some great questions to ask and also include in your contracts:

  1. What happens to your contract and deposits in case of bad weather (Flood, fire, etc.)?

  2. What if there is a death in your immediate family?

  3. What happens if your service provider is injured in an accident prior to the wedding or on their way there?


If they mentioned they have a “wedding planner”

Be careful when booking a vendor that states they have a wedding planner or offer wedding planning services. Many vendors toss the phrase “wedding planner” around like confetti. If you are not working directly with a wedding planning company, here are some questions you need to ask to know exactly what services you’re getting:

  1. What exactly are the services the wedding planner provides?

  2. Who is the planner and when do we begin working with them?

  3. Does the wedding planner communicate with any of my other vendors?

  4. Does my wedding planner assist with the organization of details and vendors outside of their own?

These are some of the questions you should ask your vendors prior to booking with them and get them in some form of writing.

Kimberly Williams Photography

Kimberly Williams Photography

If you hired Bella Mystique as a wedding planner

Giving you a peace of mind during the booking process.

This is why you should care:

  1. We review your vendor contracts making sure you understand exactly the services you’re receiving, we explain how correspondence with those vendors will continue leading up to your big day, and double check the charges for those services so you’re not stuck at the end paying extra on items that you didn’t anticipate.

  2. We keep all of your planning organized and in one neat place. We let you know what details your vendors need from you and when your deposits and payments are due.

  3. Lastly, we connect you to the perfect vendors that fit your style and budget that we know provide above and beyond services. This way you’re not left sweating over the small stuff or the quality of your services.


When it comes to booking your wedding vendors, it is better to be safe rather than sorry. You are investing a lot of time and money into your wedding and want to ensure that it is protected. Don’t feel pressured to book with them, especially if the vibe is off. Before you book any vendors or pay a deposit: read their reviews, ask to talk with past couples, do tastings or tours or have a face to face meeting with them and get all correspondence in writing.

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Happy Planning!


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